Mentoring Program

The vision of the program

Creating a mutual and indirect process, as an opportunity for cross-cultural networking, and progressing towards a breakthrough in the employment of Arab society in the Israeli economy.

Key Objectives

Support young Arabs (mentees) in realizing their professional and personal aspirations as part of their professional world. Provide an opportunity for mutual recognition and openness and for creating a joint business leadership.

What does participation in the program require?

The practical meaning of joining the program is to dedicate one hour a month for a one-on-one meeting as part of a one-year mentoring process and participation (about three times a year) in group meetings of the Jewish-Arab business leadership in Israel. The uniqueness of the program lies in designing the process based on the unique dynamics created between the mentoring pair and focusing on the individual needs of each pair. 

Towards reaching the mentees’ career goals

Participants in the program gain development of personal abilities, professional and personal guidance, assistance in calculating viable courses of action in order to succeed, to break the glass ceiling and develop on their chosen path.