Internal Control Consultant מבקר/ת פנים

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Internal Control Consultant מבקר/ת פנים

Your Job:

To support KC’s businesses and functions to ensure their operations are conducted in a manner that complies with all internal control requirements. The Internal Controls Consultant partners with the businesses and functional teams to study, evaluate, and recommend control improvements in their processes. He or she often participates as an advisory member of project teams to guide the teams on control matters as new processes are developed, robotics projects and GBS migrations. He or she will also engage in discussion of proposed audit findings and provide advice on remediation, and will facilitate management testing.


Key customers for this position are process owners in Finance and IT, external and internal auditors, business unit and financial management, and other regional internal control.

Key Controls Responsibilities:

Review plans for embedding strong process-level internal control in key projects, and/or GBS migrations, to ensure such plans are sufficient to protect the company and in compliance with the company’s corporate financial instructions.

Work with process owners on corporate initiatives and new or changed processes to ensure controls are addressed adequately and efficiently.

Work with process owners/testers to ensure that management testing is executed as expected, including updating of master data, evaluation of test results, and development of remediation plans.

Work with process owners to ensure their remediation plans for issues identified appropriately address the relevant risks, and follow-up to ensure remediation is completed timely.

Engage in and lead activities and initiatives to raise the awareness and knowledge level of internal controls and provide targeted and/or general training to employees related to their internal control responsibilities.

Serve as the face of the Controller’s Office to the business for all internal control questions, interpretations or issues.

Perform analyses and special studies as needed.

About You:

A strong and consistent understanding of controls is required for this position, typically obtained through a minimum of 5-7 years of relevant business, accounting, IT and/or internal controls experience. Specifically, the Consultant must have a working knowledge of the company’s corporate financial instructions, internal controls and common practices, IT general controls, SOX requirements, external audit and internal control principles.

The ideal candidate will have broad and expert knowledge of internal controls theory, practices and procedures, typically experiences associated with a Big Four public accounting firm or in the SOX/internal controls team at a large multi-national public company.

The Consultant must have strong organizational skills to manage multiple priorities, and competing time demands, with an enthusiasm for projects and process development/improvement. He/she must also have strong oral, written, and presentation skills to deliver effective communications and presentations.

Educational requirements include undergraduate degree or better with a background in IT or accounting, or other relevant discipline

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