Full Stack Developer

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Full Stack Developer

About The Role

Plan, build and develop websites and interfaces with ownership and development of projects A-Z, including 3rd party tools integrations such as analytics tools, search engines, APIs and other platforms, with focus on high-end performance web UIs

Work with stakeholders to strategize solutions with the right technical approach, with the business goals in mind

Manage multiple projects tasks, including breaking down user stories to tasks and provide effort estimation

Our Stack – React.JS, Redux, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, AWS, Elastic Search, Redis, MySQL

Your Experience & Skills

Full stack developer with at least 4 years of experience in executing front-end development features end-to-end (client and server).

Experience developing clean, high-quality code and effective at troubleshooting, debugging, and root causing defects in large scale system

Ability to self-manage and coordinate multiple tasks in an organized manner

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