DevOps Expert - אמדוקס


You will drive the automation of multiple parts of infrastructure and deployment systems, striving to improve and shorten processes to enable engineering and testing teams to work smarter and faster.

You will collaborate with related product development teams to drive automation of configuration management, build, release, deployment, and monitoring processes including team’s instruction on the developed tools.

You will work with IT and development in order to create the integration and continuity of the code holding a holistic view of their working environments.

You will support engineering and testing teams to meet DevOps needs

You will provide professional support for the developed automation

You need to be ready to work on cloud-based projects based on Openshift or AWS using container technology or using an automation tool like ansible/puppet etc

You will design and develop infrastructure automation and stay abreast of industry best practices and contribute ideas for improvements in DevOps practices, delivering innovation through automation to enable standard deployable units of infrastructure through multiple environments which can help into production

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