Board Design Engineer

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Board Design Engineer

Board Design Engineer


With over 40 years of semiconductor process control experience, chipmakers around the globe rely on KLA to ensure that their fabs ramp next-generation devices to volume production quickly and cost-effectively. Enabling the movement towards advanced chip design, KLA’s Global Products Group (GPG), which is responsible for creating all of KLA’s metrology and inspection products, is looking for the best and the brightest research scientist, software engineers, application development engineers, and senior product technology process engineers. Central Engineering is KLA’s largest engineering organization comprised of 9 Centers-of-Excellence (CoE) in various disciplines applied across all product groups in the company. These CoE include Handling & Automation, Precision Motion Control, Sensors & Image Acquisition, Platform Design, and Packaging Engineering, among others. Talent includes over 500 engineers across global centers in Israel, China, India, and the US. Each CoE contributes not just talent and deliverables per discipline toward product programs, but also subject matter expertise, best practices, roadmaps, specialized facilities, apparatus, models, and analytics. These differentiate KLA not only in WHAT we do, but also in HOW we do it.

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced Electronics Engineer to join our Growth Product HW Team! The job involves handling various innovative technologies including cameras, illumination, motion and system supporting functions. Work with first class multidisciplinary groups to ensure the accurate technical solution!

Roles & Responsibilities:

Understand project specifications and performance requirements, support and plan of boards, cables, and power supplies.

Electrical block diagram drawing

Work closely with system engineers and project managers.

Present alternatives and DRs for the following components – electrical panel, I/O system distribution, machine power distribution

Take ownership for safety and regulation design aspects

Draw and construct product trees.

Perform integration, testing and POD

Job Requirements:

B.Sc in Electronics Engineering

Proven electrical engineering fundamentals in electrical boards’ design, including AC/DC power estimations and design of cables – at least 7 years

Experience with safety and regulation – familiarity with international governmental (UL, EMC, ISO, ANSI, IPC) and industry (SEMI) regulations and standards.

Experience with prepare and build BOM list, assembly, and production drawings.

Build engineering documentation, SPEC requirements and technical instructions.

Supporting production, assembly, integration, testing and debugging of cables, ICT, Flying probe, and functional testing

Work with third parties and vendors – providing instructions and verification accurate implementation

High current/power knowledge – an advantage

Good interpersonal and communication skills.

Self motivated and eager to learn new technologies.

Proficient in written and verbal English communication.

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