Arab citizens of Israel constitute 21% of the country’s population, but contribute only 8% to Israel’s GDP. While the market lacks skilled employees and large employers are unable to find essential employees, research carried out in 2017 showed that there are about 140,000 professional employment candidates from Arab society, who are under or unemployed.

Together with many of Israel’s top companies, Co-Impact is leading groundbreaking social and economic change to promote Arab employment in the business sector.

The vision is to promote the full and appropriate inclusion of the Arab population into Israeli employment, economy and society, in a way that strengthens both Arab society and the sustainability of the national economy and society.

The Companies Co-Impact Guides

We are currently guiding 61 leading companies which are in various stages of the change process. Over 8,979 employees from Arab society have been successfully hired by the companies Co-Impact works with. These employees contribute their knowledge and skills to the company in which they are employed, and positively influence not just the company, but also the economy and society of Israel.

We strive to influence 100 of the 200 largest companies in the Israeli economy by 2025.

How do employers join Co-Impact?

Companies joining the Co-Impact change process actively commit to the goal of diversity, setting and achieving measurable goals to increase the percentage of Arab employees in their company and in appropriate employment.

We begin with a joint meeting to create a shared vision, continue by building a practical and effective internal work model, and then establish measurable goals from a business perspective while examining the company’s specific business benefit for employing Arab employees.

Meet the Key Account Manager (KAM) and Organizational Consultant

The KAM is a Co-Impact employee entrusted with managing the relationship with the employers. The KAM accompanies the employer in monitoring the progress of the workplan, meeting goals, identifying challenges and barriers and ways of overcoming them, identifying opportunities and realizing them, contacting and establishing work processes with appropriate partners, and more.

Each KAM works together with an organizational consultant, who accompanies the process and assists in identifying the needs and responses that are appropriate for implementation in order to achieve the workplan and meet each company’s goals.


"In order to effectively deal with structural discrimination in Arab employment, employers must initiate change in organizational culture and remove internal barriers that make it difficult for discriminated groups. This is a continuing market failure that requires all stakeholders' joint intervention to reach a solution."
Israel Democracy Institute

Peer Groups in Co-Impact's Companies

Based on best practices in the world related to employment diversity and inclusion, Co-Impact sets up Peer Groups of employees from Arab society in each company we guide. The Peer Groups promote systemic diversity and inclusion programs in their company.

The Peer Group members are motivated employees and managers from Arab society who show initiative and leadership abilities, and want to support the company in its steps to realize its workplan for integrating employees from Arab society. The group is committed to strengthening the relationship between the company’s management, Arab employees and Arab society.

Each Peer Group is guided by Co-Impact’s KAM and organizational consultant, and operates in collaboration with the company’s HR department, where the Peer Groups assist in the recruitment of Arab talent and in adapting the recruitment, onboarding and retention processes for Arab employees.


הסכמי השלום עם מדינות ערב מייצרים הזדמנות עסקית ייחודית עבור יצואניות. שילוב עובדים ערבים, אשר דוברים את השפה ומכירים את התרבות, יכול לסייע ביצירת שותפויות עסקיות
.כ-10% מהעסקים בישראל הינם עסקים בבעלות ערבית פנייה להיצע ספקים רחב יותר עשויה להוריד את עלויות .הספקים ו/או לשפר את איכות הספקים
העסקה של עובדים ערבים, אשר יכולים להיות זמינים לעבודה בשבתות ובחגים, עשויה לייצר המשכיות עסקית לאורך כל ימות השנה
שימוש במסלולי התעסוקה המוצעים על ידי משרד הכלכלה (כגון 4.17, 4.2) מפחיתים את עלויות ההעסקה של עובדים מהחברה הערבית
גיוון תעסוקתי עשוי לתרום לפתיחות מחשבתית של העובדים ולהגדיל יצירתיות וחשיפה לעולמות תוכן חדשים
גיוון תעסוקתי מייצר שיפור בתפיסה של הארגון בקרב הציבור והקהילה העסקית

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