Donate to Co-Impact

Co-Impact is a groundbreaking non-profit organization empowering the largest companies in Israel to become diverse and inclusive workplaces, dramatically increasing the number of Arabs working in the private sector in Israel.

The vision of Co-Impact is to promote the full and appropriate inclusion of the Arab population into Israel’s business sector, in a way that will strengthen both Arab and Jewish society and the sustainability and strength of the economy in general.

Help us make Israel more equitable, fair and tolerant by creating a breakthrough in Arab employment.

Co-Impact is a registered Amuta (515909224) and has the proper approvals from the Registrar of Associations.

How can I donate?

Online Donation

In the mail

Send us a letter to Lautman fund office, 3 Hanechoshet st, Building B, Tel Aviv, Israel

Money transfer

Transfer funds to Leumi Bank (Branch 673) to account number 1700400/78