About Co-Impact

Co-Impact empowers the largest companies in Israel to become diverse and inclusive workplaces and builds strong multi-sector partnerships to increase the number of Arab employees working in the private sector in Israel.

The employment of Israel’s Arab population is one of the main challenges facing Israel’s society and economy.


Arab society, comprising 21% of the citizens of Israel, is not benefitting from Israel’s economic growth and is characterized by occupations at the lower end of the labor market.


Arabs make up only 5% of employees and only 0.3% of managers in the business sector of large Jewish-owned companies which employ 70% of the Israeli labor market.


A Bank of Israel study concluded that the non-hiring of Arabs results in a loss of 31 billion NIS [about $8 billion USD] in GDP per year.

The large gaps between Jews and Arabs in employment rates, fields of employment and levels of income undermine the rights of Arab society, and negatively affect the Israeli economy and the prospects for social solidarity.

Co-Impact believes that employment is a change agent for making Israel more equitable, fair and tolerant.

Today, we are working with 37 of the leading companies in the Israeli economy and are responsible for more than 4,500 quality employment placements.

Co-Impact's Vision

To promote the full and appropriate inclusion of the Arab population into Israeli employment, society and the economy, in a way that will strengthen both Arab society and the sustainability and strength of the economy and society in general.

Creating a breakthrough in the percentage of Arab employees in the private sector.

Creating equal opportunity for Arab employees to integrate into appropriate employment based on their skills.

Changing attitudes among employers, addressing barriers and proving the “business case” supporting diverse hiring.

Improving the economic and employment situation of Arab society,
while increasing its contribution to the Israeli economy and its growth.

Reducing discrimination and improving Jewish-Arab relations and life in Israel.

To achieve these goals, we work in two innovative strategic axes:

Empowering the business sector towards change

We believe that the key to a breakthrough lies in refining the business case of employing Arab society in the business sector. To that end, we accompany Israel’s largest companies, providing them with processes and tools to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Building a strong network of partners

A large-scale and sustainable change can only occur through multi-sector processes. We have created a broad and influential network of stakeholders from Arab society, the third sector, philanthropy, academia and government working together to promote Arab employment.


"If someone had told me two years ago, when we set out together on this program, that we would reach this moment and these results, I would say that it is not realistic... You are promoting processes and changes that are vital to the future and prosperity of the State of Israel." Address by the President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, at a conference of the CEOs of the companies Co-Impact works with in April 2017.

Reuven Rivlin
President of Israel

Management Team

Nawa Jahshan Batshon


Yana Neumann

VP Knowledge & Consulting

Mustafa Natour

VP Finance & Operations

Shady Haddad

VP Employers and HR

Stephanie Daon

Director of Development and External Relations

Hazem Khattab

Hi-tech field Director and Director of Young Co-Impact Club